Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The contractor went fishing, succumbed to death in his own net

Everyone has been disturbed by the story of the incidents, which have been growing for some time, every day some one is falling victim to this incident, meanwhile, recently news has come out, after hearing which everyone is shocked. is. This matter is not from anywhere else but Dadupur. The fish contractor lost nearly 55 years due to his head being trapped in his own net.

As soon as the information reached the Chhachrauli police, after the post-mortem was done, the bodies were handed over to the family members and 174 have been investigated. It is learned that about 55 years old Dharampal son Chelu Ram, a resident of Uttar Pradesh Matty, has taken a fishing contract on Dadupur Head. As usual, he went to Dadupur chief for fishing in the morning.

Yesterday at around 6 o’clock, when he began to cast a net into the water for fishing, he got entangled in the trap and being too deep he could not get out of the trap and drowned in the water, causing his death on the spot. happened. gone. Local residents reported this to the police. Police officer-in-charge Chhacharauli Prithvi Singh said that he went to the spot on the information that the dead body was found at Dadupur Head and the body was taken out. The body was sent for post-mortem and is now handed over to the next of kin and has started the ensuing action.


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