Tejas Mark-2 will be ready by next year, know how powerful new indigenous fighter aircraft will be

A more effective version of the indigenous multi-purpose fighter aircraft Tejas is likely to come out next year. It will have more powerful engines, greater armament capacity, next generation electronic warfare systems and many superior aeronautical systems. High speed trials of this fighter aircraft will begin in 2023. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Chairman and Managing Director R Madhavan said on Sunday that the structural and other works related to Tejas Mark-2 are going well. He said that Tejas Mark-2 is expected to be revealed by August-September 2022, after which the first flight will take some time. The first high-speed test of the aircraft will begin in 2023 and we expect production to begin around 2025.

Will be armed with the need
When Madhavan was asked about the weapons of Tejas Mark-2, he did not give a direct answer to it and said that it would be decided later based on the need and changing situation. Tejas is a single engine efficient multi-purpose supersonic fighter aircraft designed by HAL.



Will be equipped with superior combat systems
The improved version will have a larger structure, longer distance capability as well as better maintenance. It will be capable of carrying more armament material and will also be equipped with stronger engine capability and superior combat systems.

More powerful than Tejas Mark-1
The new version will be more powerful than the Tejas Mark-1 as flight distance and ordnance carrying capacity increases. The Indian Air Force is purchasing 73 Tejas Mark-1A aircraft from HAL under a deal worth Rs 48000 crore. The government approved the deal on 13 January.




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