Tamil Star Ajith: South superstar Ajit Kumar arrives to cast vote


Tamil superstar Ajit has also gone to the polls today. Standing in the queue of the election booth, he did this unusual thing which is now trending on Twitter. In the video, he is seen snatching people’s phones after the vote today.

The actor’s viral video shows him snatching a phone from a masked fan who tried to take a selfie with him. The Tamil Nadu assembly elections started today. Ajit, 49, and his wife Shalini arrived at a polling station in the Chennai neighborhood of Thiruvanmiyur this morning. In the footage which has now gone viral on Twitter, a fan manages to get very close to the actor. While he stops to take a selfie with the actor without Ajit’s consent. Ajith is seen snatching the phone from the innocent fan. It is believed that he returned it after fan to school.

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It is a rare sight to see Ajith losing his temper in a public place. There is no secret that Ajith is notoriously media-shy and is a very private person. He has always entertained fans who wanted to take a photo with him in the past. But this time Tamil actors flared up on fans not wearing masks in public.

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