Sophia Hayat reveals shocking after Rakhi Sawant

Actress Rakhi Sawant is doing everything possible to keep herself in the headlines in the popular TV show Bigg Boss Season 14. Sometimes she is resorting to entertainment, sometimes she is revealing the secrets of her life, knowing all the fans will be surprised. Recently, during a discussion with Rahul Vaidya, Rakhi weeps, saying that one of her friends took advantage of her. He was tried forcibly with them.

Rakhi had told that the friend had abused her by offering help. Now since Rakhi has revealed this, everyone is surprised. If someone is telling this drama, then someone is seen supporting Rakhi. The same now Sophia Hayat, friend of Rakhi Sawant and former contestant of Bigg Boss, has become very emotional. She is crying badly knowing Rakhi’s condition. Sofia is saddened that she did not stand with Rakhi in difficult times.



In an interview given to a news website, Sophia has raised her objection. According to him, many people of this film world have also tried to take advantage of him. There has been injustice to them as well. She says – Rakhi’s friend did a lot wrong. I am also a part of this industry for a long time. Also, an attempt has been made to take advantage of me. Such demands have also been placed in front of me in the name of assistance.




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