So know how to make tasty custard with amazing fruits

Today we will know how tasty custard is made from excellent fruits, by which you will serve them on any festival whenever you come to visit them, then they will not be able to live without praising you.

So let’s know what are the items we will need for delicious custard



custard powder

First you have to boil the milk and when the milk is boiling, you have to add the sugar according to your taste, then after that the milk has to be brought down from the fire, after that you have to add the custard powder to the milk slowly if your If there is a shortage of milk, you can also add the custard powder to the water and mix the custard and milk together and add the p aste of the custard powder mixed in the hot milk and keep stirring slowly until the custard becomes thick. Till then you keep stirring the paste of custard in hot milk and as the custard becomes thick, then you leave it to cool for a while and when it gets cold the custard then you pick up the custard and keep it in the fridge and when little If it gets cold enough then you can decorate your custard by adding some fruits as I am telling you, by putting all these fruits or you can add some nuts or dry fruits etc., after that you can be your guest or neighbor or any festival Can serve relatives



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So let us know which fruits are better for us to use to decorate the custard.






Cut all these fruits closely and garnish your custard and serve it to your relatives or your neighbors so that you can be praised and you can be heard all around and the eaters cannot live without praising you.




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