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Siarat’s blistering entry into Goenka House, closeness increased with Karthik

‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, which is included in the famous TV serials, is making tremendous headlines these days. After the death of Naira, a new track is running on the show, where Sairat has become the new lead of this TV show in place of Naira. At the same time, after the arrival of Sirat, this series is getting a shocking twist and turn. The makers are gradually trying to make Sirat a part of the Goenka family. Recently, Sirat Goenka is going to take a banged entry in the family’s house. At the same time, the closeness between Sirat and Karthik will be seen increasing.

Recently, on the occasion of Karthik Naira’s wedding anniversary, Serat came to the Goenka family. Everyone was shocked on seeing this. After this, Kairav’s health suddenly deteriorated and he insisted that he had to meet his mother Naira. In such a situation, Dadi appealed to Seirat that she would stay with him for some time, becoming his mother for Kairav. Siarat has a love for Kairav ​​in her heart too.



On the other hand, Karthik has felt very bad about this thing that grandmother has tried to invite Sīrat to the house without asking him. At the same time, it has come to the fore that the grandmother is disturbed by her words, but she has to accept this. Along with this, there are reports that a big accident is also going to happen with Serat. At the same time, when Karthik and Seerat stay in the same house, there will be increasing proximity between the two.




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