Shooting on the team of John Abraham’s film ‘Attack’

Bollywood actor John Abraham is currently busy shooting for his new film. His new film is titled Halla and he is currently busy shooting for the same film. According to the information received, recently when the actor was shooting at the Dhanipur airstrip, there was a huge controversy on the sets. During that time many villagers of the village came to see the shooting but they had a fight with the security team. On seeing the villagers, the villagers threw stones at the shooting team. Shooting of the film Attack has been going on at Dhanipur airstrip since last Saturday.

John Abraham’s action sequences are being filmed on the runway. The shooting was also taking place on Sunday, but around noon many people came to see the shooting. During this time, as the main gate was closed, people climbed the airstrip and started making noise. Some miscreants started abusing them. Shooting stopped during this chaos. Meanwhile, the security team tried to drive them away, with both sides arguing from afar. Meanwhile, some miscreants threw stones at the security team.



After that, the team tried to drive them away by throwing stones back at the crowd. The shooting stopped after all this happened. During this time, the acting and direction team was stirred up. After some time it was reported to higher officials. After getting the information, police force was sent from Thana Gandhi Park and after seeing the police, the villagers went towards the fields.




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