Shekhar Suman, furious at the fake news of son’s study suicide, said – I will take legal action against the channel

Bollywood actor Shekhar Suman has expressed his displeasure on a news channel. The news channel ran the news of Shekhar’s son study studying suicide. When this news reached Shekhar Suman, he immediately called the study, who was in Delhi. However, his studies could not be addressed at that time, due to which Shekhar and his wife were quite scared. Shekhar told that his family is deeply hurt by this fake news.

Shekhar Suman has shared a video on Twitter, telling the news channel that the study has committed suicide. Posting the video, Shekhar wrote in the caption, “A news channel acted unreasonably irresponsibly. He ran a news story that devastated me, my wife and all my family members. After watching this news my wife was shocked because the channel announced that the study Suman had committed suicide. She Delhi Shekhar Suman made several tweets, in which she wrote that we contacted the study soon after watching the news. He was in Delhi and coming out of reach. Because of this we all died several thousand times in that one moment. This news has a very bad effect on all of us. He wrote that we are taking legal action against the channel. Along with this, he has demanded an apology from the channel. Shekhar criticized the channel a lot and described its actions as irresponsible. Shekhar wrote that the media should be more responsible and not in jeopardizing people’s lives. ”Let us tell you that Shekhar gave his response after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He said in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, “Sushant was like my son. I understand his father’s pain because like him my son has also gone through such depression. The film industry created many difficulties to study. Once, he also told me that he had thoughts of suicide. ”






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