Seeing the EX lover at his wedding, the bride did something that made everyone fly

A strange love story and news related to marriage on social media are often viral. In this sequence, an Indonesian story is going viral. This matter is very serious and also shocking. You will be surprised after knowing this. This is actually the case in Indonesia where an old lover arrives at his girlfriend’s wedding.

All the guests standing there were shocked to see him. When the bride’s ex-boyfriend arrived at her wedding, she also wished the wedding. During this time a video is also going viral. In this video the boyfriend reached his girlfriend’s wedding and congratulated the bride for the wedding. The bride then asks permission from the husband, ‘Can she give him a hug once?’ After hearing this, the husband said yes.



The girl then hugged her old lover. The lover then shook hands with the bride’s husband and then hugged her. However, the lover also congratulated the bride and groom. The video of this beautiful moment is going viral on social media.




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