Salman, Ali Goni raged on contestants, opened door for shutup and rakhi

The new promo of Bigg Boss 14 has been revealed, in which the host of the show Salman Khan is seen raging on the members of the house. Actually, Salman Khan talks to all the contestants of the show during the weekend war in Big Boss and praises him for doing good work while rebuking the mistake. In such a situation, looking at the new promo, it seems that Salman Khan is going to class everyone.

In the promo, Salman Khan is seen getting angry with the contestants and says, ‘Am I doing all this for the content?’ At the same time, Salman says on Nikki Tamboli’s Rakhi makeup brand as ‘Lokhandwala brand’, ‘Lokhandwala, where have you come from the moon?’ At the same time, when Ali Goni apologizes to Salman Khan, Salman calls him a ‘shutup’. In the promo, Salman further says, ‘Why is it heard that you are doing this for content within this season. Am I doing this for content? Went to hell. Whatever is happening inside the house, you are speaking and we are showing it.



Salman Khan’s anger does not calm down here and he then calls Rakhi Sawant in the theater room and says, ‘People are blaming you, they raise questions on their character.’ Although Rakhi gives clarification but further Salman angrily says, “I always supported, if it is entertainment, then we don’t need entertainment.”

At the end of the promo, Salman Khan says, ‘If you can’t stop yourself from crossing the line, then you can leave this show at this time. Please open the door. ‘ After this, where Rakhi Sawant stands, a door opens behind her. Seeing this, all the members of the house are surprised. Now it will be known only after the telecast of the episode whether Rakhi leaves the house or not, and when and how Salman Khan’s anger is calmed.

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