Rohitash Gaur is very happy with the entry of new ‘Anita Bhabi’, said this about Neha Pendse

With Neha Pendse’s entry as Anita Bhabhi in ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain’, the show is gaining a lot of headlines. Although the makers and viewers of this famous show are very happy with the return of their favorite character, but the most happy is Rohitash Gaur aka Manmohan Tiwari. got it.

Rohitashwaa says, “It was very nice when it was learned that Neha Pendse has been cast for the role of Anita Bhabi.” It is heartening to know that a talented actress like Neha is going to be a part of this show and our small family. With this, my character of Tiwari ji is now feeling full because the lack of Anita Bhabi was causing a lot of hurdles in the story of this show. ”



Neha Pendse’s inclusion as Anita Bhabi means that there will be a lot of stories and fun sequences between these two characters. The audience was getting desperate to see their pair. Explaining how much he missed his Bhabi, Rohitash says, “Really, I got very sympathetic to Tiwari ji’s character because there was no place left without Anita Bhabi.”

“That was what was waiting for.” The audience will now get to enjoy a lot of comedy, as we have lots of fun things to show between Tiwari Ji and Anita Bhabi. I also eagerly await the response of the audience on our duet performance. ”




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