Monday, March 1, 2021

Ranveer Singh’s wealth increased significantly even during the Corona era, only ads got so many crores

The wealth of Bollywood star Ranveer Singh is increasing year after year. The wealth of Ranveer Singh, one of the most popular stars of his generation, has grown rapidly even during the Corona era. According to reports, during this period, Ranveer Singh has signed contracts for about 9 brands, for which he has received an amount of Rs 7 to 12 crores. In this way, he has become the brand ambassador of a total of 34 brands so far. A source who keeps an eye on the business of the film industry said, “Ranvir Singh is definitely a superstar of his generation. He currently has the highest budget films of the big screen. These include movies like 83, Jayeshbhai vigorous. Soon he is going to announce two more big projects.

Not only this, due to his track record, he is currently loved by all the directors. At the moment, he is being seen as a guarantee for the films to run. This is the reason why many big brands are also liking them. He is a young superstar and has so far received 34 brands of contracts. These include companies ranging from telecom to construction and education to healthcare sector. Not only this, he has work from sanitary ware to tourism and gaming to fan engagement companies. All companies have hired Ranveer as she wants to cash in on his appeal.



A source said that if you have a pan India appeal then every company wants to take advantage of it. This is the reason why many companies want to take advantage of Ranveer’s superstar face. Ranveer Singh is the biggest face in his generation of heroes. Not only this, he also has a lot of popularity on social media.

His popularity on social media is more than that of his Edge group actors. His fan base also extends to many other countries outside India. It is probably due to this that the brands with which their contract was ending in the Corona period, have also renewed the contract from Ranvir to the rate before Kovid. It is clear that how Ranveer Singh topped the film business to market.




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