Ram Gopal Varma’s relationship was broken due to Urmila Matondkar, will be shocked to know the reason


Renowned director of entertainment industry Ram Gopal Varma is the name of the cinema world who is openly defending every issue, whether it is related to the film industry or the country. Today is the 60th birthday of director-producer Ram Gopal Varma. Ram Gopal Varma has given Bollywood many hit films like ‘Satya’, ‘Sarkar’, ‘Rangeela’. Ram Gopal Varma has directed not only Hindi but also South Indian films. He has earned a good name for himself in both Tollywood and Bollywood.

He managed to make a name for himself in the film industry, but found it expensive to fall in love with an actress who was very married. Ram Gopal Varma’s affair with Bollywood superstar Urmila Matondkar was in the news. Ram Gopal Varma has worked with Urmila in the film ‘Satya’ for the first time. He then made the film ‘Rangeela’ with Urmila, in which Aamir Khan and Jackie Shroff also played important roles.

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The same proved to be a milestone for Ram Gopal Varma’s film Urmila. The film takes Urmila to the climax where no one wants to look back. The affair between the two is said to have started since the film ‘Rangeela’. After that Urmila was cast in every film of Ram Gopal Varma. Discussions of the affair of the two in the corridors of the film industry also reached the house of Ram Gopal Varma. When Ram Gopal’s wife Ratna came to know about this, it seemed as if the ground had slipped under his feet. She was very angry because of these news. There have been many reports in the media that Ram Gopal Varma’s wife Ratna slapped actress Urmila Matondkar for this reason. However, this could never be confirmed nor did Urmila ever confirm her relationship with Ram Gopal Varma. It is also reported that he was divorced by the director’s wife Ratna due to Urmila and Ram Gopal’s affair. But we do not confirm how much truth is there in these things.

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