Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Rakhi left BB14 with 14 lakhs, Kamya said- ‘Have played a very good game’

Bigg Boss 14 is over and Rubina is the winner of the show. Rubina holds the title of the show while Ellie Goni and Rakhi Sawant are eliminated from the show before being declared the winner of the show. During this, Rakhi Sawant walked out of the show with a briefcase of Rs 14 lakh. Now his decision is being praised. Ritesh Deshmukh, who came as a guest on the show yesterday, gave all the contestants the chance that ‘they can leave the show with Rs 14 lakh’.

Knowing this, Rakhi first pressed the buzzer and decided to leave the show. Followers of the Bigg Boss show gave their reactions on social media after Rakhi’s exit. There are many people who support this decision of Rakhi and there are many people who are saying that Rakhi’s decision is wrong. By the way, Bigg Boss’s ex contestant and actress Kamya Punjabi has given her opinion on Rakhi’s decision. He recently tweeted and wrote, ‘Rakhi has shown a very good game. Lots of love and best wishes for the future. Be happy like this and make others laugh. Prayer for aunt’s recovery. ‘

Apart from Kamya, Rakhi fans said, ‘Rakhi Sawant was the life of the show and she had to win. The winner of the show is Rubina anyway. ‘


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