Rakesh Tikait said – If the matter is not resolved in 4-5 days, it will go for a full year…

New Delhi: More than two months have passed since protesters protesting on the Delhi border against agricultural laws. The central government is constantly talking about opening the way for discussion, but strict security is being done along the Delhi border. Fences have been erected on various borders of Delhi, where barricades have been erected and nails have also been attached to them. Amidst all this, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait said that he needed the number on which the government said that it was only a phone call. Tikait said that when he was going to Delhi for the first time, bananas were planted along the routes. Now we don’t have to go to Delhi, then why are we putting a nail on it?

BKU leader Rakesh Tikait said that the more citizens whose routes are closed, the more people will know who is putting the nail for whom. It is a conspiracy to lock the roti in the chest, these people have also come to know. Rakesh Tikait said that the public would not be disturbed by the closure on 6 February.



On the frequent entry of leaders in the mahapanchayat of farmers, Rakesh Tikait said that this is a fair where everyone is coming. But nobody is coming here and asking for votes. He said that this movement will now go on till October-November because there is a saying that if someone loses in the fair, they get it in the fair itself, then the matter will run all year if it is not resolved in 4-5 days.




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