Rakesh Roshan said, I drink two teaspoons of alcohol every day despite having cancer, told how well

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan says that he came to know before the test that he had become a victim of cancer. Rakesh Roshan, who suffered cancer in 2018, said that the major reason for my recovery was also that I was always mentally strong and never lost my patience. In an interview, Rakesh Roshan shared his experiences on the occasion of World Cancer Day, saying that even though he had given up drinking cigarettes after the illness, he still drinks alcohol every day. Rakesh Roshan said about drinking alcohol, that this gives him mental peace, which is necessary.

Actor Hrithik Roshan’s father said, ‘I had given up cigarettes, but the process of drinking alcohol continued. I used to take two pegs every evening in the evening. It was not approved by the doctor due to cancer, but I used to do it. This gave me mental peace and it was necessary for me. I did not think anything ahead of it. Recently I have been scanned and I am fully fit.

Rakesh Roshan said that before going for the test I came to know that I have cancer. Rakesh Roshan said that I do not know why I thought so, but my conscience was saying that this kind of problem can be cancer. I even told the doctor about my apprehension. Hrithik Roshan also praised his father’s courage in a post on Instagram in January 2019. Hrithik Roshan had told how he did not forget to go to the gym even on the day of cancer surgery.



Hrithik Roshan wrote, ‘He is the strongest person I know. A few weeks ago he came to know that he was suffering from throat cancer, but his spirit remained. As a family we are lucky to have found a leader like him and we are getting his blessings. Love you dad. ‘ Rakesh Roshan himself said in an interview that all these things are not new to us. So fight the problems and solve them. So I have never been in depression. Live life Only the name of cancer is big.




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