Rahul Vaidya attacked the sharp words, then Arshi Khan was upset, said – learn to respect the woman

It is difficult to say about who becomes a friend in the reality show Bigg Boss and then the enemy. Something similar is being seen between Arshi Khan and Rahul Vaidya. Rahul and Arshi Khan used to be good friends in the show, but now it is not so. The war of words has erupted between Rahul Vaidya and Arshi Khan. The makers shared a promo video of the show, in which Rahul and Arshi are seen fighting.

In the video, Rahul Vaidya and Arshi Khan are seen standing in the kitchen. Rahul, talking to Rakhi, says, “It will be negative in the world, it will not be negative, it will not be said by Arshi Khan.” Rakhi smiles while drinking coffee. Arshi Khan does not like this about Rahul and she says in response, “This statement will give my character.” After this, in the video, Rahul is seen making fun of Arshi’s crying. To this, Arshi says, “Learn to respect the woman.” To this Arshi says Rahul, “There is a very big split personality.”



The video has been shared on Colors’ official Twitter handle. The caption wrote, “Rahul Vaidya attacked sharp words on Arshi Khan. Will the disputes end between them. ”

Arshi Khan supported Vikas Gupta, leaving Rahul Vaidya in the captaincy task. Arshi Khan had said that she would support Rahul, but she supported Vikas Gupta. Because of this, Rahul is very angry about Arshi’s move. After this, Rahul and Ali Goni broke their friendship with Arshi Khan.




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