Rahul told Ali to date Jasmin, actor gave a shocking reply

Jasmine Bhasin is an outstanding actress and Salman Khan is also an admirer of her beauty. Although she has appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ but now she is out of the show. Even after exiting the show, he continues to be mentioned in the show. She misses everyone with some excuse. Eli Gony and Rahul Vaidya topped the list. Both keep remembering Jasmin Bhasin. Rahul has made such a statement about Jasmin Bhasin that everyone is surprised. He has revealed in several cases that he wants to date Jasmin Bhasin.

As soon as Eli Gony listened to Rahul, he gave her a very funny answer. During this time a video is also going viral. In this video, Rahul said th at if Jasmine was not with Ellie Gony, she would definitely go on a date with him. Jasmine is in a relationship with Ellie, so she would not be able to do it as she wishes. Upon hearing this Eli said, ‘Jasmine Bhasin is with him. He cannot help his friend, but Rahul Vaidya should not forget that Disha Parmar is waiting for him outside the house. The pair of Rahul and Disha Parmar look great. ‘



Eli Gony fell silent saying this. In this way, Ellie rescues his love, saving their friendship. Ellie loves Jasmine very much. Apart from this, Rahul and Ellie’s friendship is also matured. Rahul left the show because of Ellie and during this, Rahul told Salman Khan that Ellie had become his backbone and without Ellie she would not be able to live in this house.




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