Rahul Gandhi told 3 major disadvantages of agricultural laws, said- PM, don’t understand this movement will end


Farmers are on the streets in protest against the three agricultural laws. Violence took place in ITO, Red Fort and Nangloi on Republic Day. Even today there is a situation of tension on Ghazipur and Singhu border. On this whole matter, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said in a press conference that these three laws need to be understood. He explained clearly how these three agricultural laws will harm farmers.

Three major disadvantages of agricultural law

First, it will eliminate market systems and market systems
Secondly, due to this, 3-4 big businessmen of the country will be able to store as much grain as they want, which will affect the farmers.
Thirdly, this law does not give farmers the right to take the court route.

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Rahul Gandhi said that these three major disadvantages are from these agricultural laws. So the farmers are on the border of Delhi, but the government is killing them. The government is weakening the country by killing the farmers.

Who let 50 farmers inside the Red Fort

Rahul Gandhi also gave a statement about the violence on Republic Day. He said who allowed 50 farmers inside the Red Fort. Is it not the job of the Home Ministry to stop this? Ask the Home Minister what was the idea behind this. The Prime Minister works for five business men. Demonetisation brought for them, GST brought for them, Farmers law for them. There is no need for the farmers to retreat, we will help them fully. Hang on PM Modi should not understand that all this will end. It will go from cities to villages.

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Rahul Gandhi did this tweet

Earlier Rahul Gandhi had tweeted that PM is weakening India by attacking our farmer-laborers. Only anti-country forces will benefit. Earlier too, he targeted the Modi government by tweeting. He said that if you want to learn how to weaken the fast growing economy, then someone should learn from the Modi government.

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