Poster viral after owner wearing dog as groom

On social media, many things that go viral are sometimes laughter and sometimes angry. Now recently a picture is becoming increasingly viral which you can see in the pictures below. Indeed, a post on Facebook is becoming increasingly viral. While viewing this post, a user has shared the screenshot on his Twitter account, which is now under discussion.

What’s the matter- Actually, a Facebook user has groomed his Pug Dog as a groom and advertised his wedding on Facebook. A screenshot of the same post was shared on the Twitter account which is now under discussion. You can see that in this picture, Samman has made his belly dog ​​a South Indian style groom. In the photos you can see the dog wearing white and pink shirt with golden border dhoti. In this dress, the dog actually looks very cute and looks very comfortable.



Now, people are forcing the pug breed dog to laugh as a groom and increasingly give their opinion. The photo was shared on the young voice audience’s Instagram on their Twitter account on January 22 and is now under discussion. You can see this photo with the caption, ‘If someone is looking for a beautiful Malayali boy for his daughter, this is a strange boy’. People are liking this picture and saying, “We will search for the bride.”




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