Thursday, February 25, 2021

POCSO law is not to punish boys who make love in a relationship

Chennai: The Madras High Court said in an important judgment that the POCSO law does not have a provision for punishing adolescent boys who establish consensual relationships with a minor girl. Parents and social support are essential for a couple undergoing physical change. Judge N Anand Venkatesh said that the Poxo law was brought to protect children from sexual offenses, but a large number of teenagers and families of minor children / girls who are involved in love affairs are filing complaints.

Therefore, the legislature has to bring changes in the law with changes in social requirements. Judge Venkatesh dismissed a criminal case filed against an auto driver under the Protection of Children / Girls from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO). A case was registered against him for marrying a minor girl. The judge said that it is clear in the law that such cases should not be brought under its purview, which are in love affair of teenagers or minors. According to POCSO law, of course, the harsh nature criminalizes the boy’s act.

He said that punishing a teenage boy who has a relationship with a minor girl has never been the motive of the POCSO law. Adolescents undergoing hormonal and physical changes, in which decision-making abilities have not yet developed, require the support of their parents and society.


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