Monday, March 1, 2021

‘Old age never comes’ Seeing 74-year-old grandmother, you will say the same

When age begins wrinkles appear on the face. On seeing the hair of the head turns white, the teeth of the mouth also disappear. Everyone’s relationship also begins to break with the body. We all know that in old age, a stick is also needed to erect the body. Meanwhile, there are some people who have presented themselves stylish and fit in old age. Like, take them only. She is the grandmother of Ontario, Canada. He is 74 years old, but if you look at his Instagram, you will feel that old age is not bad either.

By the way, this grandmother herself has told in a post how she keeps herself fit. She told in her post that she started three years ago to keep herself fit, before which she used to eat many medicines for problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol. They say that the doctor told them explicitly that unless they change their lifestyle, they have to live with these drugs. This is the reason she changed her lifestyle and today she is fit.



Grandma’s name is Joan. She says that her daughter helped her a lot in changing her lifestyle. His daughter did yoga and then started cardio and then weightlifting. Joan says that in the early days I used to feel 5 kg heavier, but in today’s time I can easily lift heavy weight too. By the way, Joan has lost 28 kg in three years. At the moment, see these fascinating pictures of him.




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