Nutan was the first woman to receive the Miss India Award

Nutan, who won everyone’s heart in Bollywood due to her beauty, is no longer in this world. He said goodbye to the world on 21 February 1991. However, today his son Mohnish Bahl dominates the industry. Nutan was known for his serious character. He made a deep impression in the industry with his performance. Nutan was born on 24 June 1936. Nutan’s mother’s name was Mrs. Shobhana Samarth and father’s name was Mr. Kumarsen Samarth.

He started his film career in the year 1950 and continued his studies in school during that time. On 11 October 1959, she married Lieutenant Commander Rajneesh Bahl. He was followed by a son named Mohnish Bahl. Today he acts in Hindi films. Nutan has a sister Tanuja who has also been a best actress. There was a filmy atmosphere in Nutan’s house. She went to see shooting with her mother, which led her to do films. Nutan first appeared in the film Nal Damayanti as a child artist.



After this film, he acted in several films. Nutan was the first woman to receive the Miss India Award. Nutan made his mark in the hearts of people by working in many great films and even today people like his films very much. It is said that Nutan was the only actress to receive the highest Filmfare Award as the Best Actress in the Hindi Film Industry. Talking about Nutan’s biggest hit, she was in Tulsi Tere Aangan.




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