Thursday, February 25, 2021

News of Suman’s suicide went viral, angry father said – ‘Shame on’

Yesterday, the news of the death of Adhian Suman, son of Bollywood veteran Shekhar Suman, spread rapidly. Today Shekhar Suman has vented his anger against the channel spreading this news. Shekhar has spoken of taking legal action against the channel. The channel yesterday said in a story that Adhyan Suman committed suicide. Now Shekhar shared the tweet and a clip of the news on 21 February.

In his tweet, he wrote, ‘We are very distressed and have not been able to get out of this shock yet. I request all people to tweet and ban the channel’s unforgivable behavior. So that it does not happen to anyone else. I am also going to take appropriate legal action. On Monday, Shekhar made another tweet and called the apology unfair. In his tweet, he wrote, ‘It is not enough to apologize to any journalist of the channel for this unforgivable work. Boss people should be ashamed and accept this big mistake. Think, if he had done this with a big leader, his license would be revoked. The PM has clearly stated that fake news promoters do the most harm and need to be punished. ‘

On Saturday, Adhyayan Suman posted a video on Instagram and denied the news. In his video, he said, ‘I am still alive. Please do not kill me if I am trying to move forward in my life. Many people tried to kill me professionally. I was dead professionally, but right now I’m trying to get off the ground and stand on my feet. I fold hands, please don’t kill me. Thank you for sending me a message. He also warned of legal action against the channel in a note written along with this video.


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