Thursday, February 25, 2021

Neha Dhupia took advantage of lockdown, reduced weight to 21 kg, said – people started trolling

Many people had gained weight sitting at home due to the lockdown implemented last year to deal with the Corona crisis, but actress Neha Dhupia has gained a lot this time. Neha Dhupia says that in the 8 months of the Corona period, she has reduced her weight by 21 kg. Neha Dhupia says that when she gave birth to daughter Meher in November 2018, her weight had increased by around 25 kg. Due to this, his body started looking very fat and people used to make fun of him. Due to this she felt very bad. Neha Dhupia said that due to her increased weight, people used to say that her career can also be collapsed.

Neha Dhupia said while talking to a website, ‘Life is beautiful when you are happy inside. But then you feel very strange when your body becomes very fat. There are very few people who do not gain much weight even after pregnancy. My weight had increased from 23 to 25 kg. ‘

Neha Dhupia said that people used to stress about my increased weight that now your life and career will stop. Neha Dhupia said that I never took people’s comments with negativity. He said that I kept trying constantly. Neha Dhupia said, “What I did during the lockdown was that I kept trying without being upset by people’s comments and lost 21 kg in the 8 months of the Corona period.”

Neha Dhupia is currently working on the adventure realty show ‘Roadies Revolution’. Professionally, Neha Dhupia has returned to work once again. Her short film Step Out is soon to be released on Disney Hotstar. She is directing the film under her own production house Big Girl Productions.


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