Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Negative video of Sana Khan going viral, actress bid- ‘My heart is broken’

Sana Khan, who was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 6’, is enjoying her married life these days. He said goodbye to the industry and married a Mufti from Gujarat. He is happy in his personal life. Meanwhile, something happened to him that broke his heart. Some people have been continuously making negative videos about Sana Khan for quite some time. In this video, his past is being told. Meanwhile, once again a person posted a video about Sana, which hurt him a lot.

In this video, the person is also talking wrong things about the former actress. While watching this video, Sana has written a post on social media about the person. Through this post, she has prayed that by posting such negative, she should not be put into depression. She wrote on her Instagram account, ‘Some people have been making negative videos on me for a long time. Till now I was silent, but now a person has made a video about me, in which he has highlighted my past and is also talking nonsense about me. Do you not know that it is a sin to make that person feel again about the work that he has done? My heart is broken right now. ‘

Sana Khan has further written in her note, ‘I do not want to name the person because I do not want to do the work that he has done. This is very bad. If you can’t support anyone, at least be good towards it, be calm. By making such statements, do not push yourself into depression by making the person laugh and cry. Sometimes you repent and then move on, but there are others like me who think I wish I could go back to that era and change some things. Please be nice and let people change for good. ‘Sana Khan said goodbye to the acting world last year and removed all her glamorous pictures.


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