Saturday, February 27, 2021

Music composer Mayur Jumani created new version of ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’

In the year 2017, the year was a song titled ‘Selfie Men Lee Today’. You must have heard this song and you will also remember the lyrics of this song. The song was sung by Dhinchak Pooja, who has become a hit due to her songs. By the way, this song created a sensation on social media and people still listen to this song. Now Dhinchak Pooja has become internet sensation once again in this sequence. Well, this time again the reason for his fame is the song ‘Selfie Man Lee Aaj’, but its style is new.

You can see this song is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The song has been composed by composer Mayur Jumani. You can see this new version in this video. Actually, Mayur Jumani has sung this song through guitar and also added Dhinchak Pooja to it. You can see that while sharing this video, he wrote in the caption, ‘Dhinchak Pooja is singing like a pro’.



Now, this new version is becoming increasingly viral on social media. So far it has received more than 80 thousand views. Right now people are very fond of this new video. People are also giving their respective reactions to this fast. After watching this video, a user wrote, “Now this song has become a bit listenable.” At the same time, another user commented, “The new version sounds great and I am not bleeding.” In this way, many people have commented that the song is excellent.




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