‘Molkki’ 9th Feb. 2021 Today’s Written Episode:


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In Molkki, Purvi enters in the school along with wounded Virender and kept her promise. Juhi and Manas who are nervous in their absence replenished with courage and cheerfully yell Haathi and Baba come, they are excited and everyone looks back them.

They get nervous when they see Virender is injured, they say that we will tell you soon but better focus on your performance now. Purvi assists Virender while sitting. Everyone claps Juhi and Manas for an amazing performance and ended up as the winner of the competition.

Molkki 9th February 2021 Today's Written Episode: Vaibhav Attacked Virender?Priyu tries to walk away from Vaibhav but she holds her hand firmly. Priyu phone drops and it gets broken while struggling, Priyu then picks up a vase and tries to keep Vaibhay away from her.

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Somehow she manages to lock herself in the bathroom and Vaibhav throw vase on her which hit the door of the bathroom. While at the school Princiap applauded Juhi and Manas replies that their mother taught them this.

Principal asks name and they reply Haathi. Meanwhile, Purvi comes on the stage and says that she doesn’t deserve the whole credit as his father also assist us while practicing for the performance.

Priyu there stuck in the bathroom as Vaibhav is standing outside and all prepared to harm her. He yells that for how long you will be in there. You have to come outside at some time.

Priyu crying inside listening to Vaibhav. Manas tells the same kids that I won’t lie and she here is my mother. But the mother of the kids spew poison and says that your real mother dies and this is Molkki and a Molkki can never become the mother of anyone.

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Virender gets furious and goes to the lady on his own and reprimands how dare she says such things in front of the kids. He reprimands the woman don’t you feel shame being a woman saying such against a woman.

The lady apologizes to Purvi. Purvi emotionally looks at Virender. Mama proudly looks at Virender proudly and Juhi wipes Purvi tears which bring a smile on her face. Virender takes Purvi’s hand and leaves for home with his entire family.

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While Purvi is assisting Virender with the band-aid, Virender thanks Purvi to take care of her and also helped her in kept his promise. He says now he can find out the men who attacked him. Purvi says she might know who is behind it and shares everything that Priyu told her about Vaibhav.

Virender asks why didn’t you tell this to me before. Purvi says that she thought you wouldn’t trust me without proof. But Virender says now I know you won’t say anything without any reason. Priyu there somehow escape from Vaibhav with a plan and fled from there. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for Molkki written episode updates.


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