Kumbh: Healthy devotees will enter Haridwar, Kovid check in entrance

Only those who are generally found to be healthy in the health test including Kovid test will be able to leave for Haridwar Kumbh from their destination. A letter has been sent to all the states on behalf of the state to investigate and prevent sick passengers from coming to Haridwar. The state government is seeking cooperation from all the states to implement this system, following the direction of the central government regarding mandatory Kovid investigation in Haridwar Kumbh.

In the same order, on behalf of the Chief Secretary of the State, writing a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all the states, Kovid and other investigations have been requested to be conducted in the respective states. States have also been asked to check and stop sick passengers at their own level. For this, special arrangements have been asked to make arrangements at the bus station, railway station. The state has also sent a similar letter to the Railways.



In fact, the state government fears that if the passengers reach the border of Haridwar, it will be difficult to check or return them. Therefore, the concerned states have been requested to take this responsibility. Here, a separate SOP for Kumbh will also be released by next week. According to Secretary Disaster Management SA Murugation, along with the guideline, the registration system of passengers, the system of Kovid investigation will also be cleared. The said guideline will also be shared with all states.




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