Kubra Sait has tightened Kangana Ranaut, and has written a fleet of Queen-Queen-Bula-Bula

Bollywood actress Kubra Sait has taken a dig at the comments made by Kangana Ranaut on the farmer movement. Kangana Ranaut is constantly tweeting against those who are supporting the farmer movement. However, Kubra Sait has not taken Kangana’s name in her comment, but the Queen has definitely written. Kangana Ranaut was seen in the lead role in the National Award winning film ‘Queen’. Kubra Sait has targeted this.


Kubra Sait writes that the fleet of Queen-Queen Bula-Bula has gone. Kangana Ranaut tweeted about Rihanna and Greta Thanberg’s support for the farmers movement. They also had a verbal attack on both. Kangana wrote for Rihanna, “Well, she can shake her bums and cheeks, that too in front of the camera lens. Yes, that’s it, nothing else. ”

Also targeting Greta Thanberg, Kangana Ranaut wrote, “This is a mouse who does not want to go to school and hates studying. They have a hand in the conspiracy against India. ”

Last year, Kubra Sait supported the trend of suspending Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account. At that time, Kangana’s social media account was handled by her team. Kubra had said that it is not personal, but the tweets of this account are quite toxic. Kangana Ranaut then blocked Kubra Sait on Twitter.




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