Kriti Sanon pushed Varun Dhawan standing on the edge of water, balance deteriorated


Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon are shooting for the upcoming horror-comedy Wolf. Many photos and videos keep appearing from his Arunachal Pradesh schedule. His Holi celebrations were in the discussion recently. Now a video is going viral. In this, Varun is standing on the banks of water. Meanwhile, Kriti pushes him, making Varun look very scared. However, she catches Varun from behind.

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Shooting scene is going viral

It is seen in the video that Varun is standing in a forest. The water stream is flowing down the front. Kriti is seen standing behind them. Meanwhile, she pushes Varun and grabs him from behind. They do not fall but are quite afraid. The shooting crew is also seen in the video. The cameramen are also seen shooting the scene from a distance.

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Holi’s videos went viral

In the past, ‘wolf’ team celebrated Holi together. Kriti and Varun’s dance videos went viral. The team was seen having fun on songs like ‘Shaitan Ka Saala’ and ‘Hookah Bar’.

Varun-Kriti came together after 2015

Wolf is a horror-comedy in which Varun and Kriti Sanon will once again appear after ‘Dilwale’. In 2015, the duo did Rohit Shetty’s film ‘Dilwale’. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol also played important roles in it.

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