Know what are cysts, are they the cause of cancer

Cancer has become a very serious disease worldwide. It is very difficult for anyone to overcome it. Every year, World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide on 4 February, to make people aware of it. Today we are going to tell you about some things related to this disease.

Epidermoid cysts: These are small, slow-growing soft cysts. It can occur in the patient’s face, head, neck, back and private parts. It is said that they are found inside the skin due to the formation of keratin. It resembles yellow or skin color.


Sebaceous cysts: These cysts are found on the face, neck or torso. It is said that large ulcers can cause pressure or pain which are also anticancer.


Ganglion: It is a circular, fluid-filled tissue that can be seen around the joints. The accumulation of fluid in it is due to injury, trauma or the use of a particular organ.

Turnip: It is caused by a blocked oil gland.

Cystic Acne: Cysts are said to form inside the skin in the body. These hormones, bacterial infections, oily and dry skin cells grow in a combination and then they get trapped in the pores. While it proves fatal at times.




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