Know how to do nail extensions

Nails play an important role in enhancing the beauty of hands. Long and beautiful nails can add beauty to any girl’s beauty. Some girls have naturally beautiful nails, but some girls have weak and lifeless nails. Nowadays girls like to have nail extensions to make their nails beautiful. Nail extensions are also called acrylic nails. It is a part of permanent makeup. With extensions, you can give your nails a fashionable shape to your liking. Today we are going to tell you some ways to do nail extensions.

1- After applying the base to your real nails for nail extension, it is dried by passing it lightly, with plastic, plate, stone, glitter, file, silver wire gel, etc.

2- The nails are thoroughly cleaned and the nail cuticles are cleaned before doing nail extensions.

3- Now the nails are trimmed and filed. So that the detail is easily pasted on the nails.



4- After filtering the nails, it is slightly ruffled with a nail buff. So that the extension sticks easily on the nail. Nails are cleaned with nail buffer and acetone is applied to them. So that the moisturizer remains clean on the nails.

5- The shape of the nails is such that the glue does not stick to the skin. Acrylic is mixed with liquid powder and made into a paste.

6- Then acrylic liquid is applied on the nails. Now the excess liquid is cleaned with the help of a brush. When it dries, it is refilled and lubricated with a buffer.

7- After this, nail polish is applied on the nails.




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