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Know how roads are made with plastic waste? Which Indian’s mind is behind this technique?


Hyderabad: Telangana’s Surpapet municipality has set up a plastic brick manufacturing unit at a cost of Rs 25 lakh. Soon, the city of Suryapita became the first city in the country to construct pavements with plastic bricks.

Suryapet Municipal President Perumalla Annapurnam said that the work of development and beautification has been completed and this will give the city a new look. He said the plastic bricks made in the unit were sent to JNTU in Hyderabad for quality testing. “Based on the report, we use bricks and plates produced from plastic waste,” he said.

Although companies have been fined up to Rs 20,000 for using plastic carry bags, there is little impact here. The reduction in plastic usage did not come at the expected level. Therefore, we have focused on recycling plastic waste and setting up a unit for brick making. Suryapet Municipality president said that these units produce 200 plastic bricks every day and can afford 50 tonnes of bricks. The purpose of this action is to give a change to the image of the Municipal Corporation. The project is expected to be completed in a few months. Speaking about the municip al development work in the city, he said that the road widening work is going on at a cost of Rs 10 crore, which is almost complete. This is expected to solve the decades-old traffic problem in the city.


As part of the city’s beautification project, landscapes have been drawn with water fountains at five junctions. It has five junctions – Court Center, PSR Center, Girinagar Square, Ambedkar Square and Jangon Square in the city. The municipality is spending Rs 1.22 crore on the development of these five junctions.

In addition, five parks at Nirmala Hospital, AV Enclave, Anjanpuri, Indiramma Colony and Venkataramna Colony are being worked at a cost of Rs 2 crore. After the completion of these parks, the people of the city will have enough space to breathe in the open space, as they do not have any park available till now. The municipality has built 55 government toilets at a cost of Rs 80 lakh including 74 existing government toilets to maintain sanitation in the city. He said the integrated market complex is likely to start in March.

Municipal Commissioner of Suryapet p. Ramazula Reddy said that the population of the city has increased to 1.55 lakh and hence it needs to be developed in proportion to the population. A cost of Rs 30 crore has also been commissioned for the CC roads and drainage works.




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