Kim Kardashian is going to divorce for the third time, first marriage at 19!

Mumbai. Actress-model Kim Kardashian is famous all over the world and everyone is impressed by her beauty. Kim creates a buzz about her professional life, but she also makes headlines about her personal life. She recently got divorced with her third husband Kanye West. With this, their 6-year-old marriage came to an end. For Kapil, this relationship was full of ups and downs but everything was not going well between the two for some time. In such a situation, both decided to separate. The couple married on May 24, 2014 in Italy. Couple has 4 children from this marriage. North and Chicago have two daughters, as well as two sons named Saint and Pasalm.

Before marriage, both were also in relationship for 2 years. But Kim was married even before this marriage. Kim’s third marri age to West was. Earlier, she was married twice, but this marriage did not last long. Kim Kardashian first married in 2000 at the age of 19. He was married to music producer Damon Thomas. But after three years of marriage, Damon divorced Kim. During that time, Kim accused Damon of physical and emotional abuse. In 2011, Kim married basketball player Chris Humphries. After dating for a year, both were engaged. After the engagement, both of them also got married in 2011.



However, Kim’s marriage was no less dramatic. 72 days after the wedding, Kim filed the Divorce citing ideological disharmony. Reports also revealed that the wedding was just a public stunt. Kim and West’s affair started during the wedding with Chris. But there is no doubt that Kim’s relationship with West lasted the longest, but due to mutual estrangement, both decided to stay apart. In some reports, it has also come out that the couple were living separately for a long time and used to be with their children only.




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