Karthik Aryan bowed in front of his car, watching the video, the fans gave this response


Bollywood’s famous actor Karthik Aryan has become the superstar of the entertainment world who, if he sneezes, will also be made news. Recently, Karthik Aryan has purchased a new Lamborghini car, priced at Rs. 4.5 crores Rs. When Karthik came on the road with his car, he did something that everyone was surprised to see. On Wednesday, Karthik Aryan was spotted in his new Lamborghini. When he got down from the car, he took blessings from the car like someone takes from elders.

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Karthik bowed and took the blessings of his Lamborghini. It is as if he is touching the feet of some of his elders. It was something like this. The video of Karthik Aryan bowing like this to Lamborghini is now going viral on social media. In the video you can see Karthik Aryan getting down from his car and heading towards his friend’s house. Meanwhile, he turns back and then leans into his car and touches the leg.

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He learns that the cameraman had once again asked him to do so. Karthik then posed very well for the cameraman. His fans are very fond of this video of Karthik. When Karthik bought this car, he also posted a video. It was a funny video in which the caption Karthik wrote – “I bought it … but I’m probably not made for expensive things”. The Lamborghini Urus is a tremendous vehicle, known for its classy interior, top speed. It costs around 4 crores.

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