Kareena Kapoor wanted the first child ‘baby girl’, the actress herself expressed this wish

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is enjoying a pregnancy period these days. She is going to be a mother for the second time. Kareena will give birth to another child in the next few days. The entire Kapoor family is excited about Kareena’s delivery. She gave birth to a son Taimur in 2016, but do you know Kareena wanted the first baby baby girl.

In 2016, when Kareena became pregnant for the first time, she expressed her desire to be a baby girl. Wherever she went, she was asked the same question whether she would be a girl or a boy. On this, he said that the first baby will be a boy or a girl, it will not matter. However, he also said that he would love if he had a girl as he has done so much more for parents than a son.

Kareena Kapoor gave birth to a son Taimur on December 20, 2016. From the beginning, Timur’s popular is no less than a celebrity. There are many pages in the name of social media Taimur where his pictures and videos are shared.

Recently, news came that Saif and Kareena are already explaining many things to Timur for the visiting guests. Saif and Kareena are well aware that as soon as the second child arrives at their house, the attention naturally received by Timur will be slightly reduced. During this time, Taimur Ali Khan was not negatively affected, so Saifina Couple spent a lot of time in the last several months so that Taimur could understand why she is not getting as much time as before.



According to a report by Bollywood Life, a close associate of Pataudi family said, ‘Taimur is very young at this time and loves his mother and father very much. He likes that both give him more time. For this reason, Kareena has been continuously preparing Taimur for the little guest. She talks to Taimur about this guest so that she understands that he is going to be an elder brother.

The source added, ‘Kareena also planned some special kid dates with Inaya for Taimur, where the two spent time together. Kareena has decided that after her second delivery, Taimur will spend a lot of time with her aunt Karishma so that she does not miss love. It is worth noting that Kareena is working fiercely even during the last days of pregnancy and is very active on social media.




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