Kareena Kapoor spoke openly on sexism, said- I never faced discrimination on the basis of gender

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is going to give birth to another child this month. However, even during pregnancy, Kareena is working fiercely. Recently, Kareena told that she has never faced discrimination on the basis of gender in such a long film career. Kareena said that she considers herself lucky for this.

As reported by ETimes, Kareena told a portal that she had never encountered sexism. She said, “I know many such friends, who are unfortunately falling prey to the patriarchy and the feeling of hatred of the women race.” I consider myself lucky because there are many men around me who are feminists. ”

Kareena is an actress who has broken stereotypes and norms. They married after reaching career peak and are working continuously. Kareena said that she always listens to her heart and does what she thinks is right. She said that she is such a strong woman in her life who has broken stereotypes herself.


Kareena Kapoor was nervous during the first pregnancy
Earlier, Kareena had told in an interview that she was very nervous during the first pregnancy, but this time it is not so. She is feeling more confident than ever. Kareena said in a conversation with Times Now, “I think I am more prepared and confident than before. When I was going to be a mother for the first time, I was very nervous and irritated, but this time it is not so. I am so cool. I am not being crazy at all. ”

The actress also spoke about working during pregnancy. He said, “Why can’t pregnant women work?” I do not understand this thing of people. I have worked in full pregnancy and will work even after delivery. “Kareena further said that staying active is very good for the health of the child.




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