Kapil Sharma became emotional after the death of Sardul Sikander, said – never thought it would be our last meeting


Punjabi singer Sardul Sikander died on Wednesday. The entertainment industry is in mourning due to their departure in this way. Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma has expressed his pain over the demise of Sardur Sikander. He has shared a video on social media in which Sardul is seen holding Kapil’s daughter in his lap.

Sharing the video of Sardul Sikander on Instagram account, Kapil wrote in the caption, “Beautiful memories of a beautiful person. My daughter had her first Lohri. I, my family was very happy that Sardul Paji came to our house and blessed our daughter. He blessed the daughter by singing an Omkar song. Never thought that this would be our last encounter with you. Love you cad. You will always be in the heart. ”

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It can be seen in the video that Kapil, wife Ginni and some musicians are standing around Sardul. Sardul has taken Kapil’s daughter in his hands and is singing an Omkar song with closed eyes.

Let us tell you that Sardul Sikander died at the Fortis Hospital in Mohali. According to the news, a week ago, he was admitted to the hospital due to kidney problem. Where he had a successful operation, but during this time he was hit by Corona. Due to this, he died. Sardul Sikander has two sons, Alap and Sarang Sikander. Both are in the field of singing.

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