Thursday, February 25, 2021

Kangana said on the coup in Myanmar – ‘Men can’t handle a woman being superior to herself?’

Kangana Ranaut is being seen in discussions for her statements these days. She remains part of the discussions due to her tweets. Kangana is an actress who knows how to speak on every issue. She is constantly talking about the ongoing peasant movement in India. She is also looking at other things. Recently the actress has commented on the arrest of Myanmar’s elected chief Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung San Suu has been overthrown and taken into custody by the Myanmar army. Looking at this, Kangana has tweeted.

Sharing the link to this news, he wrote in the caption, “I worked in a period film called Rangoon. At that time I researched Rangoon and World War II. Seeing this huge coup, I wonder if this is why Is because men cannot handle. A woman is superior to herself? “People are now reacting to this tweet. Kangana is constantly active on Twitter.

She is constantly tweeting about the ongoing peasant movement in India. Recently, he had also used some derogatory words in response to cricketer Rohit Sharma, due to which Twitter deleted his tweet. Kangana is very upset with the deletion of her tweet. She has also threatened on Twitter with a tweet. She said, “Tiktok’s position in India will also be with Twitter.”


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