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Kangana said after seeing Hansal Mehta’s tweet, ‘Achcha sila diya mere pyaar ka’

Director Hansal Mehta, who has made all films from Bollywood to web series, is in discussion these days. Recently, the director has described his film Simran as the biggest mistake of his career. During this film, he left the film, and now considers it a big mistake. Looking at this tweet, Kangana called it ‘Acha Saadha Diya Teri Meri Pyaar Ka’. Kangana was the heroine in this film. Taking a sarcasm at the director, the actress has dedicated a song to her in response to this statement on her recent tweet.

In that tweet, he said, ‘I supported her (Anna) in harmony. Like I later supported Arvind. I have no regrets. we all make mistakes. Like I made Simran. Retweeting this tweet, Kangana wrote, ‘You rightly said Hansal sir, but you will still believe that I stood for you during that time, but now you are saying this. I want to sing a song on it. Whoever is like this, you gave me good service. Well at the end of this tweet, Kangana has shared a laughing emoji. Now people are giving different reactions to Kangana’s tweet. A user tweeted to Hansal and wrote, “Simran Kangna was one of the biggest hits, how can you say that?” Hansal also responded by writing, “Uffff… how disappointed you feel….”



By the way, Hansal has also responded to Kangana’s tweet. In his tweet, he wrote, ‘First let me tell you, this tweet was not for you. The other thing was some things that happened to me after the release of the film. That broke me. Because of which I feel that this film was my fault. I have said it all, but you are a good actress. I also respect you for this. Well now let’s see what Kangana Ranaut says after this tweet.




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