Kangana Ranaut’s attack on filmmaker Hansal Mehta, wrote- Achcha sila diya tune meri pyar ka …


Kangana Ranaut has taunted him after filmmaker Hansal Mehta opted out of his movie ‘Simran’. Kangana Ranaut was the lead actress in this film. Kangana Ranaut, replying to a tweet by Hansal Mehta, wrote, ‘This is right Hansal sir. Even you will agree that I stood with you and now you are talking like this. Such a feeling is coming, as if I am singing ‘Achcha Sila Diya Tune Mere Pyaar Ka’. In a tweet on Saturday, Hansal Mehta said that he believes he made a mistake by supporting Anna Hazare.

Hansal Mehta had tweeted, ‘I supported Anna Hazare with confidence. It was the same with Arvind Kejriwal. I am not sad about this. we all make mistakes. I did it by making Simran. ‘ Anna Hazare had announced a fast unto death in support of the fact, but then he canceled it after meeting BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis. Hansal Mehta wrote this while retweeting a tweet about it.

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In response to this, Kangana Ranaut attacked her while writing lyrics of a painful song. However, in response to this tweet, Hansal Mehta has again stated his point. Hansal Mehta wrote, ‘First thing is that this tweet is not about you. The second thing is that after the film some things happened that I was very hurt by. Because of him, I regretted making the film. What you said and did is very good. He has respect for you.

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Even earlier, Hansal Mehta had talked about distancing himself from the 2017 film Simran. The film’s writer Apoorva Asrani had claimed in some interviews that Hansal Mehta had left the project midway and Kangana Ranaut was working as a director after that. Even Kangana Ranaut had told Hansal Mehta to be a coward for stepping off the project.

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Not only this, in an interview given to Huffington Post, Director Hansal Mehta had said, ‘I feel at times that I did not make Simran. She did not need me. She was a non-essential thing in my career. I am saddened by that. I could make a better movie than this. It had the potential to be a good film. I am sad about it and it is a difficult time. I had to take therapy after the release of the film and it affected my mental health.



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