Kangana Ranaut told Diljit ‘wolf in sheep’s skin’

Hollywood pop star Rihanna made a tweet yesterday about the farmer movement, everyone started tweeting. Following a tweet by Rihanna, many Bollywood stars have started tweeting. However, in the midst of all this, there has been a war on Twitter about Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh once again. In Kangana and Diljit, the debate has started once again about the farmer movement. Actually, both have started a debate after Rihanna’s tweet. It happened that Diljit made a tweet about Rihanna, and after that tweet Kangana Ranaut started replying. A heated argument started between the two.

First Diljit Dosanjh wrote, “We are all brothers with India, whoever will do the wrong thing, the government will see it, that is its job. You and I will dissect it a little bit. You will never get over it. You are very boring. Huh.” . “Responding to this tweet, Kangana wrote,” I knew you would never say that you are not Khalistani. This is something that everyone should see. Wolves in sheep skin. “Right there, Diljit responded to Kangana and wrote,” After today I will not give you any answer. Because you enjoy tweeting. Fellows have a hundred works. Anyway, there is no reason for your words. make me. How many times a man kills you with it. Why should we answer you, you are the master. ”



Seeing this, the actress tweeted and wrote, “Come on, just say that you are not Khalistani. Why are you talking so much. It’s easy to speak, why can’t you speak? All the confusion will stop and my woes are also clear has occurred.” it shall be done. Say it please “However, there is still a debate between the two.




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