Kangana Ranaut shared Rihanna’s pictures and wrote, ‘Sanghi Nari Sabpe Huge … See the role model of left wing

Kangana Ranaut has made several tweets in a row attacking American pop singer Rihanna. Kangana Ranaut, while sharing a collage of her and Rihanna’s photos, wrote, ‘Sanghi Nari Sabpe Bhavari vs Libru Role Models. All Indians unite and show your strength. ‘ Apart from this, Kangana Ranaut wrote in another tweet, ‘Right wing role model vs left wing role model….’ Actually, Rihanna did nude shows, Kangna Ranaut has been attacked while sharing her pictures. On one hand, Kangana Ranaut has shared her pictures, in which she is seen in a sari and traditional dress, while Rihanna is seen in her style.

Apart from Rihanna, Kangana Ranaut has once again attacked Diljit Dosanjh. Earlier on Tuesday, Kangana Ranaut attacked Rihanna by retweeting her tweet in which she supported the peasant movement. Rihanna, while sharing a CNN news on the farmers movement, wrote, “Why are we not talking about this?”

In response to Rihanna’s tweet, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘Nobody is talking because they are terrorists, not farmers. Those who want to divide India so that China will occupy our country and form a Chinese colony like USA. Sit calmly idiot. We are not fools like you who sell your country. ‘




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