Kangana did Rihanna’s role in the film, actor Randeep Hooda shared a video


Actor Randeep Hooda has shared a video taunting him amidst actress Kangana Ranaut’s attack on American pop singer Rihanna. This video is from Randeep Hooda’s movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. In this film, Kangana Ranaut played the role of a character named Rihanna. Randeep Hooda has not written the name of anyone in the caption of this video, but it is clear from his style that he has shared this video while keeping a tight eye on Kangana Ranaut. In the caption of the video, he wrote, “The plot is too big.” Along with this, he has also shared Laughing Emoji.

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In the video, Randeep Hooda is seen watching the video in the film Ek Seen and recognizing Kangana Ranaut’s picture, who does not know this. The famous film star is Rihanna. In the movie, Kangana Ranaut acted Rihanna Shergill. Randeep Hooda was seen in the role of a police officer. Apart from them Ajay Devgan and Imrash Hashmi were also part of the film’s starcast. Rihanna tweeted on Tuesday about the farmer movement. Kangana Ranaut has been attacking Rihanna since then.

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Rihanna, while sharing a news related to the farmer movement, wrote, ‘Why are we not talking about this?’ In response to Rihan’s tweet, Kangana Ranaut called him an idiot and said that we are not talking because the terrorists are sitting there in the form of farmers. Now in an interview, Kangana Ranaut has said about Rihanna that she must have tweeted with at least 100 crores.

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Kangana Ranaut questioned Rihanna, saying, ‘He didn’t say anything about the corona epidemic. The US did not talk about the riots in Capitol Hill, but suddenly arose and tweeted about the farmers of India. For this, at least 100 crore rupees would have been taken. After all, where are they getting this money from?



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