Jasmin Bhasin received film offers, said- ‘Abhi thinking’


In Bigg Boss 14, Jasmine Bhasin is in the news these days. His videos and photos are coming out every day which are going to win hearts. So far, Jasmine has become a part of many projects. He has shown a strong style in many TV shows. In the past, you may have seen her in the music video ‘Tera Suit’ with Ellie Gony. He had a great style in this song.

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She is now preparing for her next song. Ellie Goni and Jasmine Bhasin’s duo has been liked in ‘Tera Suits’ and that is why the song has got over four crore viewers on YouTube. Recently Jasmine Bhasin said, “I am a greedy artist and I don’t even care about the medium and the stage. The only thing that matters to me is the character I have to play. Any character who can get me out of my comfort zone . I love doing this. I love my followers and I like to entertain them through my work. ”

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She also said, “I am getting many offers from the Punjabi film industry and I am thinking about them too. There is no problem with the language because I can speak and understand Punjabi. The Punjabi film industry is already Bigger. Now getting bigger. I hope something big happens soon. Jasmine is soon to appear in a Punjabi film and is ready to win everyone’s heart in Punjabi style.

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