Is Sara Ali Khan heartened to Vijay Devarkonda? This is the whole case

Recently, Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan shared a picture of herself with Telugu actor Vijay Devarkonda on social media. This picture of Sara Ali Khan and Vijay Devarkonda went viral the previous day. While sharing this photo, Sara Ali Khan gave the caption ‘Fan Moment.’ Subsequently, Sara Ali Khan and Vijay Devarkonda also joined the party at Manish Malhotra’s house. While coming out, Vijay Deverakonda and Sara Ali Khan were seen together by media cameras.

After that, fans are furious over what is going on between Sara Ali Khan and Vijay Deverakonda. Are they dating each other? So for such fans, we have brought Manish Malhotra to his bonding and the party’s Inside Gossip. A source close to the party has said about the spark of affair between Sara Ali Khan and Vijay Devarkonda. He told, ‘Sara and Vijay enjoyed a lot in the party. Sara stayed in his company throughout the party. ‘But if you want to know if there was a spark between the two, it would be too much to tell. We have come to know that Sara is very excited to be working with Telugu actor Vijay Devarakonda.



The source said, ‘See, Karan Johar was in the party. They know that the on-screen hit duo and the off-screen hit duo make sense. He was supposed to bring the Telugu actor to Bollywood. Now, who knows what will happen next? South actor Vijay Devarakonda is in Mumbai to shoot his film Liger. In this film, actress Ananya Pandey will be seen on screen with Vijay. The tremendous first look poster of this film has been released recently.




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