Ileana Dikruz shares her photo with Dogi, said the name of her new boyfriend, Varun Dhawan


Actress Ileana D’Cruz, who has entered Bollywood from the Telugu film industry, has once again hit the news due to an Instagram story post of hers. The actress has revealed about her new boyfriend during a session. Both of these Ileana Dikruz are holidaying in Andaman. Ileana is very active on social media. Along with her films, the actress keeps sharing her stylish photos with fans. However this time his post is really quite surprising.

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Actually, the actress had put an ASK ME ANYTHING session on the social media platform to connect with her fans. In this session, he openly responded to all the things related to his personal and professional life that his fans asked him. Meanwhile, a fan from Ileana asked a question about her boyfriend, what is the name of your boyfriend? On this, Ileana shared a photo of her with Doggie and wrote, her name is Charlie.

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During this session, another fan questioned the actress about her favorite star, the actress shared a photo of herself posing with actor Varun Dhawan and wrote, ‘Varun Dhawan aka Varuna (varunaaaa)’. Decruz had dated Australian photographer Andrew Niebon for the past several years. However, their relationship is broken. A few days ago it was claimed in the media that both of them unfollowed each other on social media. There was a time when the news of their marriage came. In the year 2019, Ileana wrote Hubby to Neebon in the caption with a tree adorned on the occasion of Christmas. Since then, there was a discussion in the media about the relationship between the two. Even the actress’ pregnancy was discussed a lot, but Ileana had denied these reports through an Instagram post.

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