How many rupees were in Pankaj Tripathi’s account at the age of 22? Know what the actor gave the answer


Pankaj Tripathi may have become a popular face today from the big screen to the web series, but his success is nothing short of a miracle. Even Pankaj Tripathi’s economic condition was bad for a long time. Not only this, he did not have a bank account till the age of 22 years. Pankaj Tripathi has revealed this while talking to Hindustan Times. Asked how much bank balance he had at the age of 22? In response, Pankaj Tripathi said, ‘Zero. I did not even have a bank account then. Pankaj Tripathi, who started his acting career from theater, has been full of struggle.

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Explaining his views, Pankaj Tripathi said that my thoughts are always changing. For example, there is a change in the thoughts of someone else of 22 years. Pankaj Tripathi said that he was also associated with Food Craft Institute in Patna when he worked in the theater and was preparing for the National School of Drama.

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Pankaj Tripathi said that parents have also contributed to his career. He said that I was supported when I expressed my desire to be an actor at home. Asked what is the thing that he would like to change? In response, Pankaj Tripathi said that there is nothing like this.

He said that whatever I am today, I am due to the same circumstances and problems that I faced at the age of 22. In such a situation, I would not like to change anything. Pankaj Tripathi, who became popular for his desi style in acting, has recently released the ‘Pepper’ movie.

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His acting in the role of Bharat Lal ‘Deceased’ in this film has been highly appreciated. In the film, his character was shown dead on paper and he spends significant years of his life to get his papers repaired. Pankaj Tripathi has made this character more interesting by his acting.



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