High voltage drama in Anupamaa, Kavya will create a ruckus on Vanraj’s birthday

New twist and turn are seen in TV’s famous serial ‘Anupama’. That is why this show remains the first choice of the audience. The show has been topping the TRP list for the past several weeks. Meanwhile, there are reports that another tremendous high-voltage drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes of this TV series. This drama will be between Kavya and Anupama on Vanraj’s birthday. At the same time, the upcoming episode of Anupama’s ‘All the talk comes out of the show’ is going to be quite interesting. According to a report of Tele Chakkar, Kavya will be seen snatching Anupama’s peace of mind in this episode. Vanraj and Anupama are already very upset to see the situation get out of hand. Due to the impact caused by Pakhi’s drama, Vanraj decided to celebrate his birthday with family instead of celebrating his birthday with Kavya.



Anupama Vanraj has turned Kavya’s birthday plans on Kavya’s anger. Due to which the high-voltage drama is going to be seen in the upcoming episodes. Kavya took the whole matter in her hand and vowed that she will take revenge from Anupama after this incident.

Kavya has conspired to create a ruckus on the occasion of Vanraj’s birthday by going to Shah Mansion. Here she is going to announce her marriage with Vanraj. She will tell Anupama to leave the house, claiming herself to be the new daughter-in-law of Shah Mansion.




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